Chinchilla Boarding

We often get inquiries about boarding chinchillas (chin-sitting!) while the family is away on leave, business, vacation or other. In the past, we've provided this service on an open "donations" basis, but we have come to the realization that a set fee would greatly dispel any uncomfortable assumptions. 

So, with that being said...

Short Term Boarding fees apply of $5 per animal, per day

is our very modest going rate (compared to others in this line of business). Daily fees are computed from drop off date to pick up date as whole days. Please contact Whimsy for drop off and pick up dates and times.

Long term boarding is available on a case-by-case basis. We require 3 months advance boarding fees, computed at a flat rate of $100 per month, per chinchilla. We also require a confirmation from PayPal regarding set up of an automated monthly payment plan. If boarding payments lapse we will send a notice via email. If payment isn't received within 2 weeks of notice date (not the date you read the email) the chin(s) is/are then legally considered abandoned and at our disposal as per VA Code § 3.2-6520.

It would be preferable that your chinnie come in their own cage, IF it is easily transportable. Otherwise, we usually have empty cage space available if this option proves to be difficult. Feed pellets (unless you use a different brand), hay, clean bedding, fresh water, chinchilla-safe chews, and love provided.