New Surrender

Last night, another surrender came to our Menagerie. She's the tiniest little ebony I've seen yet! Her previous owner was concerned that he didn't have the time and attention to devote to her any longer and was especially concerned that she'd recently started chewing her own fur. Fur chewing can stem from many different sources. It may be related to a fungal infection. It could be caused by environmental stress, boredom, starvation, or simply a genetic condition. In this case, I'm convinced environmental stress was the trigger for her; in this case, her encrusted cage.

Chins are naturally very clean animals. They depend on their chinparents to care for their needs and to make sure those needs are met. Here at our Menagerie, we have a daily routine that includes vacuuming the ledges and chinroom daily (sometimes even several times a day). The ledges are wiped down with a special disinfectant/fungicide EVERY DAY and given a thorough cleaning and bedding change every week. Since the little fuzzbutts reside in our dining room, it not only keeps them healthy and stimulated, but also keeps our home nice and clean and fresh smelling.

The little chin mentioned previously is now housed in a new clean enclosure and has a new friend to snuggle with. She's a sweet little thing despite the fur chewing. So far she has only chewed on the plethora of chin treats offered her. We are sure her fur will grow back and she'll be good as new in a couple of months.