Chinchilla Matchmaking

Like people, chinchillas prefer to choose their own friends. Even though chinchillas are not solitary animals, if an introduction is not properly managed, a fight to the death can occur.

This delicate process is one in which we specialize. Being able to recognize and understand chinchilla behavior can make or break a budding friendship. If you are concerned about your chinchilla being alone and want help to find a suitable pal, we can help. 

We understand that owners who seek a friend for their chin may not want to be without them for the initial bonding period. This takes a minimum of a weekend visit here at the Menagerie. Please keep in mind that we are just as concerned for the new rescue friend as we are for your pet. We do not allow our single rescue chins to go to homes without first establishing a solid compatibility foundation. If you are willing and able, this service is offered on a boarding fee basis, plus adoption fees if applicable. 

Please keep in mind that we operate as a rescue shelter. We do not encourage people to breed their pet chinchillas. Our shelter is FULL of chinchillas from people who mistakenly believe that chins have to be kept in male/female pairs. We only allow single gender pairs and groups. The ONLY exception is for documented spayed/neutered chinchillas. Furthermore, it is written in our adoption contract that to deviate from this arrangement is grounds for breach of contract. 

How to schedule a meeting to find a friend:

1. Your chin MUST come for the bonding. You cannot simply pick out a cagemate for him or her and expect them to instantly love each other.

2. It is mandatory that the permanent cage be a part of the matchmaking process. NO EXCEPTIONS.

The best time to introduce a pair or group is when a new cage is involved. Chins tend to be very territorial. If the new cage is not a part of the process, we risk a reversion of the bond when the pair go home. If you can afford it, get a new cage for use during the bonding period. Chinchillas require a minimum of 2 x 2 x 2 feet of cage space per animal. If you already have a very large cage,  it'll have to be cleaned, deodorized, and completely redecorated so that it looks and smells nothing like the old setup. Layout is more critical than smell. If you want to use an existing cage, it must be totally redecorated and every shelf and accessory rearranged. For convenience, we have cage accessories available for purchase here. We'll even help with the design. ;)

3. Matchmaking sessions require a minimum of 3 days' stay. If the first pairing doesn't work out after a potential good start, we need to begin the process all over again with a new pairing. This can take up to a week, or more. However, we will know immediately if your chin has potential to bond with another and save you several days of hoping. If you live far from town, arrangements for a week's stay is even better.

4. All terms pertaining to a regular adoption apply to pairbonding. In addition to the adoption fee, we charge our standard rate of $5 per chin, per day for boarding. This fee applies only to the visiting chin(s) and includes food and regular care.

All adoption requirements apply for chinchilla matchmaking. Please follow the instructions outlined on the Adoption page to schedule a matchmaking session.