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All proceeds go toward upkeep of the Menagerie. Thank you for your consideration and support!



It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and you know what that means... The snowmen are back in town! Made with choice prepared wood and everyone's favorite vine pieces, these classic seasonal chew toys are sure to be a hit with the furry termites on your shopping list.

$5 each

The Great Pumpkin

What says autumn better than a pumpkin? A GIANT pumpkin! This humongous 15cm vine ball is stuffed with our sweet herbal hay. (Click through the pictures for a side-by-side comparison of the giant and regular-sized pumpkin!)

$15 each

Pumpkin on a Platter

Our chinnies always enjoy a reason to party. So in celebration of the autumn harvest, this new hanging chew toy features our giant bluegrass, herbs & flower stuffed vine ball served on a platter-sized, edible wood slice. The new palm curl adds an extra special twist....OMG, no pun intended. 

$7.50 each


We think he may be a distant relative of Elf on a Shelf, but this guy wears his heart on his sleeve. This straw/tin man has a heart and he's willing to share.  Made of vine shapes and bundles and bound with seagrass.  Have an enemy? Let this be your effigy and your chinchilla can do the dirty work. ;)

Special for Valentine's Day: the TchinMan has also dressed up as a King of Hearts and Knight in Shining Armor (second picture).

$7.50 each

Fruitwood Kabob

Made of any combination of apple, pear, crabapple, pecan and mulberry woods, this fruity combination is sure to please even the most persnickety furry termite. Kabobs are another great toy for the chins who devour Jacob's Ladders like there's no tomorrow.

$5 each


More than an inch worm, it's a "chinch"worm!

Made with 5cm vine balls, natural wood, colorful bagel bites and palm spring curls, this over-sized chew toy is one of the store's hottest sellers.  

 $5 each

Superchew Softie

This hanging toy is made with the chins' favorite ingredients: loofah, willow balls and fruit wood sticks! Designed as a chinnie boredom buster, these lightweight chews make an excellent weekly cage addition.

$5 each


This popular design has been revamped specifically for those gnawing critters who love the shreddable toys! The willow ball center is stuffed with nutritious rose hips. With plenty of different shaped wood pieces, this is a great gnawing and shredding combo. Also our first toy to feature a jingle bell, perfect for those bell-ringer chinnies.

$5 each


A tasty loofah sachet stuffed with a generous handful of edible potpourri: chamomile, marigold, raspberry leaf, rosebuds, hibiscus flowers, and hay. Bound with seagrass, this parcel adds flavorful variety to your chinnie's diet. And they smell amazing! ;)

$5 each

Whirly Wafers

Made with thin pine "wafers" and colorful food grade dyed beads.

These are the perfect sized wood gnawing toys to help keep your chin's incisors well-conditioned. We don't know why, but some of our chinnie customers love these more than the flavored, natural wood chews.

$5 each

Hugs & Kisses Garland

Made with lots of vine, seagrass and love. XOXO

$7.50 each

Edible Cage Garland

A totally shreddable type chew toy that looks super cool. Measuring roughly 20 inches long, this will keep your active chin busy! Made from loofah slices, hay cubes, seagrass ribbon and food grade vegetable dyed spacer beads.

$7.50 each


Made with extra large, double thick loofah slices and vine thingies. These gigantic loofah monarchs measure nearly a foot from top to bottom and about 8" across. Cute enough to keep from your chins to hang on the wall...but why deprive them? ;)

$7.50 each


Inspired by Valentine's day....but too cute to keep seasonal. Made with our super-popular, giant vine ball stuffed with a generous portion of bluegrass, herbs and edible flowers. We've incorporated other fun shreddable vine thingies. Hearts make up the wings. Clever, eh? 

$10 each

Herbal Bunny

Whimsy has done it again with another original.

A giant, chinchilla sized chew toy loaded with tons of twiggy vine pieces, a loofah tail and stuffed with our scrumptious flowers and herbs bluegrass mixture. 

$10 each


Gigantic 10cm vine ball stuffed with herbal hay and crawling with vine twists. This toy is larger than our chins! This is another Whimsy Original. Support your favorite rescue and treat your fur babies to a healthy nom.

$10 each

Bones 'n' Stones

A fun 8" hanging chew toy for those chins who just won't leave your fingernails alone. Pumice stone will keep teeth safely trim to avoid painful malocclusion, and naturally shed deer antler tips provide necessary calcium and trace minerals. Delicious!

$10 each

Star of Wonder

Lo! Behold! A star appears! Originally a holiday release, this wreath has earned a permanent place in our store.  You've spoken, we listened, and combined some of your chinnie's favorite parts and pieces; seagrass ribbon, wood coins, vine stars, bitty bagels and pointy pine pieces.

$10 each


Unlike the tummy-busting party toy, this giant willow ball is stuffed with a combination of select bluegrass hays, chamomile flowers, raspberry leaf, marigold petals, hibiscus flowers, dandelion, prepared wood coins and pieces, unbleached paper crinkles, probiotic cookies, pumice, and seagrass knots. This exciting toy is fringed with palm leaf tassels and finished with a bell for added fun.  

$10 each

Jacob's Ladder

A BIG chunky chew made of the choicest woods. We use a double assortment of our 5 most popular varieties including: apple or crabapple, mulberry, pear, poplar, and pecan whirls. The whirls are strung in alphabetical order, so that your chinchilla can show you which flavors are their favorites. This extra large toy measures about a foot long and weighs about half a pound or more!

$10 each

Natural Noms Wreath

Shreddable loofah heart "stars" and natural wood coins provide a wonderful contrast with the unadulterated desert pumice that make up this wreath. The pumice featured in this wreath are of a slightly different type than our original wreaths, for those picky chins who may not be big fans of the "harder stuff." It's also good for bunnies, rats, hamsters, and even hook-billed birds like parrots!

$10 each

Pumice & Willowball Wreath

A very nice gnawing and nibbling contrast. All natural, unadulterated pumice stones provide material to wear down teeth, with willow balls and colorful dyed wooden beads for extra fun. Finished off with dried raffia. The chins love this combination!

$10 each


Toss Toys

Cute little toys that your chinnie can carry around his cage. Every bit of it is edible and chinchilla approved. They're the perfect size for a pair to steal from each other!

Available types are:

  • mountain pumice chunk

  • willowballs stuffed with rose hips

  • willowballs stuffed with pumice

  • wood chunk

  • pumice and bead rings

$2 each

Natural Wood Perches

Natural wood perches are a great way to spice up your chinchilla's environment. Equipped with hardware to attach to the side of the cage, these prepared branches are big enough to balance on. They also double as a fun chew toy for the little wood fiends, especially those who prefer their gnawing subjects to remain more stationary than a hanging toy.

Photos show a representative sample. Made from any of the 6 wood flavors we keep in stock. No variety specification on perches.

$7.50 each

Seagrass Knots

The seagrass ribbon in our Edible Cage Garlands are so popular, we've decided to make this fun new treat available. These cute little pretzel shaped chews are an excellent source of fiber and offer a wonderful change from the usual sugary or high calorie treats. 

$5 for a 2 oz package (about 25 knots)

Loofah, Whole or Sliced

Is your pet a fan of shreddable type chews?  You may want to stock up on whole or sliced loofah to offer by itself or to reload your own toys. 

Loofah is an amazing source of fiber which aids digestion, gives your high-energy chin a chewing challenge, and promotes healthy teeth. We toss in a whole loofah each week. When the chins chew it down to the tougher heart, you can then wedge it between the cage bars and the silly critters think they have a new toy. 

$3 Small whole

2 for $1 slices


Build your own toys

Vine Things in Bulk

We now carry vine toy-making products in larger quantities, for those chins who simply can't get enough of the shreddy vine shapes. :)

Currently available: 

  • twists 10 for $5

  • stars 10 for $5

  • small hearts 10 for $5

  • rings (2-3") 10 for $5

  • 5 cm balls 10 for $5

  • 3 cm balls 15 for $5

  • lanterns 8 for $5

Beads by the Cup

Want to freshen up your chinchilla's old toys by restringing them? Want to try your hand at your own designs? We now offer beads by the (generous) one-cup scoop. Unlike bird toy parts which are usually made of maple or oak, our beads are milled especially for us of only chin-safe woods.  Dyed in-house with food grade vegetable dyes. Natural (non-colored) beads available too!

  • Small (1/2") beads about 120 count per cup

  • Medium (5/8") beads about 80 count per cup

  • Beehive beads about 30 count per cup

$5 per dry cup

Drilled Wood by the Pound

Refill or build your own brand new toys with all natural wood, hand selected from untreated trees. We harvest only fresh wood and process it within a week of cutting. We do not use dead wood! Our wood is fully prepared and ready-to-gnaw: cut, boiled, scrubbed and baked to perfection!

See the Sticks & Stones page for more info.



Combo Packs

Too many things to choose from, and you can't decide? Maybe try one of our combo packs. Each package deal has been specially chosen to provide maximum benefit for your chinchilla while keeping shipping costs low, with the freebie built in. Please note that exchanging or adding extra items to these combo packs may incur an extra shipping charge.


Fall Fun Deal

Celebrating the beginning of cooler weather and abundant harvest, we've selected some of our fur friends favorite chews. Included you can find;

  • 1 "scarecrow" (AKA the tchinman)

  • 1 pumpkin on a platter; a herbal bluegrass stuffed 10 cm vine ball on a fruitwood platter.

  • 1 GREAT pumpkin; a giant herbal bluegrass stuffed 15 cm vine ball

  • 1 haystack (AKA chinchilada); herbal hay stuffed loofah bound with seagrass.

  • 1 fruitwood kabob

  • 1 pillow pack of Confetti Cuisine; offer this foraging mixture in a separate bowl or incorporate it to make your own herbal hay.

    $75 includes domestic shipping

Ultimate Chew Toy Bundle

For those who want to spoil their chinnie into oblivion with chew toys and nothing but chew toys! This is our most loaded package deal. It is not only excellent for your chinnie's teeth and digestive system, but it also supports the cognitive and motor skills of the special needs students who help us make them. We're always told the actual chew toys are much larger in real life than they look in pictures. 

  • Chinchilada

  • Jacob's ladder

  • Superchew Softie

  • Pinata

  • TchinMan

  • 2 Wreaths

  • Fruitwood kabob

  • Chinchworm

  • Hugs & Kisses Garland

  • 5 Assorted Toss Toys

  • Orb-bits

  • Herbal bunny or Lovebug

  • Spider!

$125 Includes domestic shipping