A Positive Review

So there I was, minding my own business, scrolling through craigslist looking for cage upgrades when I came across a post about our Menagerie! Imagine our pleasure when we read the following posted by an anonymous writer:

"I have had personal experience with the new chinchilla rescue. and she was great. very sweet, and caring. she keeps he facilities VERY clean. and takes time to allow all the animals in her care attention and out of cage time. if you need to find your chinchilla a new home. or if you are looking to adopt, then i would definitely suggest you check her out first. i will defiantly be keeping in touch with her so that next time i wish to adopt or am looking for support with anything i can contact her!"

I wrote a quick thank you note to the poster and asked who they were. Just so happens she was a young lady who had visited with her father and purchased a couple of cages from us. They were quite nice and were a wealth of information about ferrets! It's always nice to talk shop with other animal lovers. Thanks again for the good word Carol!

Mandi Vollmer