Showing Rescues

This weekend was an exciting one. Whimsy took six of our chins to a show in Statesville, North Carolina. We were curious to see how Judge Ralph Shoots would grade our little girls and boys. It was quite sobering going up against so many gorgeous animals. At the same time it was quite a learning experience that will help serve our growing knowledge. Our little fuzzbutts managed to bring home two second place ribbons, two third place and, just for fun we also entered two of the rescue chins (they each earned a fifth place ribbon).

Something else exciting happened this weekend. Today a nice family came over looking for a new cagemate/friend for their baby boy chin who had unfortunately lost his brother. They brought their little guy over to run a "safe intro" with two of our potential adoptables. Mr. Wilson was the lucky guy who was chosen to go home with them where I'm sure will wind up stealing all hearts who come in contact with him. Which brings up an interesting point...

The question was posed to me whether a single chin, by his very singleness, will bond with its human companion better than a paired chin. The answer: No.

Chins are herd animals by nature and need the companionship of their kind. I explained that people cannot be around to provide that same companionship 24/7. Additionally, because of this instinctual nature, paired chins tend to be more at ease in their environment, which makes for a happier chin.

If at all possible, I encourage adoptions of pairs or as a companion for another chin. (There are rare exceptions where certain chins are just too aggressive to pair off). Paired chins can still bond with their owner and people can still successfully own single chins. However, paired or same gender groups are by far a more favorable option, not to mention double or triple the fun!