Jimi and Jamie Need a Home

Jimi and Jamie, a mother/daughter pair have successfully passed their 4 month maternity watch! Thankfully, neither one has turned up pregnant by the mixed grouping they came in. *Huge sigh of relief* These girls have really warmed up to people while here and have filled out too! Now all they need is someone to devote the kind of attention to them they are craving.

Eight other chinnies have come in this week from far and wide. A small group from Richmond, and a boy pair brought all the way from Maryland, and super sweet little Chili from the DC area. Let's not forget Puff, the one from Animal Control. We're hoping to match the singles up with a new friend. Is your boy chin looking for a gentle buddy? Let's try a soft intro! Would you like to devote all your time and attention to just one pet chinchilla? We have 4 singles available who just don't get along with other chins, but are people friendly.

So far we've had 3 chins go to new homes this month...but 8 have come in. We would love to balance out those numbers. Would you like to open your home to adopt? How about a sponsorship? Hmmm....now there's a neat new idea.....