New Additions

We have had such an exciting couple of weeks here at the Menagerie!

About a year ago, one of our hamsters, Oreo, had a litter of babies, who were eventually all adopted out to loving homes. One of Oreo's babies, dubbed Moomoo, was adopted by Sammie. Due to life circumstances, Sammie contacted us about returning Moomoo to the Menagerie, along with a Campbell's Russian dwarf hamster named Hammy. Both of the little guys receive plenty of attention by the Menagerie's youngest helper, Flowerbud, and are doing swimmingly. See if you can identify Moomoo's younger self at the bottom of the Adoptions page. ;)

Last Sunday, we were contacted by Elena, who was looking to surrender her two chins, Doby and Chip. She was very relieved to have found our rescue. The two boys have now settled into their new home. Sometimes, when we have two male cagemates come into the Menagerie, it is necessary to separate them because of the scent of so many females in the same room. Doby (Mosaic) and Chip (Standard), despite a minor early scuffle, do not have that problem, and are still best buds as ever. Once their quarantine/evaluation period is passed, these guys will make a wonderful pet pair for someone.

A while back, we heard from Holly, who had concerns about Bucky. Holly said that he had developed a fur problem. It was a while before Holly was ready to give Bucky up, but he eventually made it to our little chin-sanctuary. Bucky came to us along with his huge cage and toys, and we immediately put together the entire setup as to allow Bucky the easiest transition into his new home. As it turns out, thankfully, Bucky does not have fungus as Holly suspected. Instead, he had been chewing on his fur as a sign of stress.  We have put a fun chinchilla wheel in his cage, and treated him to tasty apple branch sticks and chinchilla cookies so that he will not chew on his fur. So far, our efforts seem to be working. After his quarantine period, we're hoping to introduce him to a new same gender cagemate. 

Bucky has the absolute sweetest personality of any chin we have ever met. He loves skritches under the chin and behind the ears, and he even smiles when his tummy is scratched. It is obvious that Holly took wonderful care of him. He is quite the spoiled little boy. ;)

Mandi Vollmersurrender, fur chew