And the hunt for Critter Nation cages continues...


Well, another possibly pregnant chin was surrendered on Monday. 

This makes a total of 10 females that are currently with kits or on maternity watch. We are in desperate need of baby safe cages.  Sharon Coffey, proprietor of the Chesapeake Guinea Pig Rescue (757-420-2376), was kind enough to offer us one cage that is suitable. Thanks again Sharon! You rock!

Because the chins on maternity watch have gotten so numerous, we're looking for folks who could donate or trade with us for the stackable Critter Nation brand cages. We could offer a Ferret Nation 142 brand cage, fully decked out with extra deep, chin safe wood bedding liners, plenty of hand crafted shelves and leaping ledges, two hanging 6" tubes, food bowls and water bottles. We have 2, possibly 3 of these set ups we could offer for the same number of Critter Nation cages. The best price we've found on what we're looking for can be found here:

As you can see, both cages are made by the same company and are almost identical. The Critter Nation's much smaller bar spacing makes it kit proof and better suited to our needs.  In exchange, you could get an awesome, chin friendly enclosure completely modified and chin-ready.