A Cage Brand New

We've matched the number of successful adoptions for July! Eight (8) chinnies have been adopted so far this month. Check out the Adoptions page to see who has sweet talked their way into the heart of a new home. It seems our incoming and outgoing numbers have been relatively consistent though. We have had 13 chins from three different homes surrendered this month for various reasons. It is quite disheartening that ALL of the females have been exposed to males and are therefore on maternity watch. Eight of the thirteen incoming chins are female. Seven are of age to have been bred. It saddens me that so many critters are placed in situations that contribute to this over abundance of pets that will need good and loving homes.

On a more happy note, several months back a nice lady donated a large parrot cage to our rescue. It was in rough shape with lots of rust that had been covered over several times with various colors of spray paint.

It would have been nearly impossible to refinish this by hand, so Whimsy did a bit of research and found Wayne, from Sand Blasting Experts (757) 494-9000  and Tom, from Fusion Powder Coating (757) 645-9396.  These guys are awesome! Wayne and Tom work side by side in a building in Chesapeake and do the most amazing work. Wayne and Tom are both very likeable guys who have shown incredible creativity and quality. AND...the fees are quite reasonable! Look at how they've transformed our new community cage!