Happy December!

For the month of November, two (2) chinchillas were surrendered and seven (7) were adopted. It's been a rather nice imbalance of numbers on a happy side for a short while, however, so far for this month we've already received six (6) more surrenders. 

We've been working on bonding the singles and have had a fair amount of luck. One family found a pair of boys who complement their single fella perfectly. Another family had no such luck finding a compatible female for their lone girl. A second little guy who is boarding here while his owner goes through allergy testing found a new friend too. And we have another adult fella coming to stay for the weekend while we work our magic to find him a snuggle buddy. Perhaps we should rename our site: Whimsy's chinchilla rescue/adoption/store and...matchmaking!

At this time we have about 20 chinchillas who are waiting for permanent homes with several more still under evaluation. We would dearly love to see them off to good homes, especially the "special cases," those who desperately need someone with a soft heart and patience enough to gain their trust. This year we've met some amazing people who have specifically come looking for exactly that sort of challenge. It is truly amazing to see how a troubled little furry personality can blossom in the right environment. If you've been waiting for the holidays to adopt, we'd love to hear from you.