Deal or No Deal??

We have a lovely family of five here who would like to stay together. Check out our adoptions page for more information on Muddy, NuNu, Little Dude, Spawn and Pickles.

Is there a family who has been waiting for just the right group of chins for them?This small herd is already proven compatible, so no troubles trying to bond multiple chins.  The hard part is already done!

If you have a large family who each wants their own pet chinchilla, I have a deal for you!

For anyone who is willing to adopt this family and keep them together, I will provide you with a FREE EXTRA LARGE CAGE to accommodate the whole group. 

 Adoption fee for 5 chinchillas, plus the FREE cage, 10lbs feed pellets, a full flake of hay, and lots of goodies: $300. Making yours and this furry family happy: priceless.

Mandi Vollmeradoption, cage, pairbond