As usual, it was another exciting week. 12 chinchillas were surrendered from three different homes.

The first pair actually found a new home within days. It was one of the fastest turn arounds we've ever seen! It was a good thing too. Sometimes when bonded males come in together, once they catch the scent of females, they turn on their cagemate and fight for perceived mating privileges. Within two days this pair began the tell tale signs of a souring relationship. We were very happy when someone inquired about the boys the very day we posted them as available. Shadow and Twitter are now settling down in a new home surprisingly like their old one.

The same day, we received a phone call inquiring about surrendering 8 chinchillas. All the females were housed with males, so they are now on maternity watch while we try bonding the males. So far it's working out surprisingly well.

With this being said... we have lots of available chins. Prior to this weekend, we had over a dozen awaiting new homes. Our biggest concern is in rehoming some of the fuzzbutts who are ready to go. As we have a plethora of used cages available now, we are temporarily offering cages with a select few. Check out the adoptions page for more details.