Mass Surrender Update

Remember the last mass surrender we posted about back in April? I'm happy to announce that all but the remaining group of 5 under maternity watch have found new homes. It was an especially interesting bunch because every single one of them was standard grey in color. The individuals and duos and even a group of 5 females were different enough in features to tell apart. One had a missing toe. One big girl was easily three times the size of a "regular" chin. One had a nick in his ear, etc. But this remaining group had us stumped. They all look like carbon copies of each other! We had to use some creative intervention to determine who is who. So with the help of a pair of scissors to trim tails and a colored marker, we notated the ears of the different chins in the group. We've been watching and taking notes and have come up with the following:

Cut tail groomed red heart

green stripe suspected pregnant

Cut tail snuggles with red heart

green stripe bit at red heart

orange star LOVES happy face

While we would love for this group to be adopted and kept together, we understand it's a long shot. So with this system we hope to keep track of which are especially fond of each other, so we can keep them together.