Is August Gone Yet?



Broken Contract...

It has been a very eventful month! 

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone for their well wishes and prayers during Hurricane Irene. We were shocked to experience it without loss of power. Our attempts to locate a generator in time went without success, but fortunately didn't need it...this time. However, the reality of the situation has caused us to take a serious look at our setup.

Our efforts are therefore going to concentrate on building a fund to cover the cost of an emergency standby generator large enough to keep the air conditioning and heat operable in the event of a power outage. We simply cannot risk 70 + little furry lives who depend on us to keep them safe and secure. We also endeavor to remain a safe place for those in need who find themselves in dire straights. With that being said...our new goal is to bring in $3000 (above and beyond our normal operating costs) to have a generator installed. 

This is a prime time to take advantage of our store items for sale. New releases coming very, very soon. Watch for our next in a summer series of creative items!

Or, if you would like to donate to this cause through PayPal, you may do so from our donations/payments page.

Please state whether you would prefer to remain anonymous or if we may publicly thank you. :)