Happy May!

For the month of April, five (5) chinchillas were surrendered, and (7) chinchillas were adopted. It's been an interesting balance, but we did also take in 3 chins for boarding this month. Out of necessity, we've expanded the chinchilla room, yet again. Whimsy is digging in her heels to keep from moving her office out of the chin area. Instead, we're strategically moving appliances. ;)

On a totally different note, we've been contemplating the variety of folks who contact us regarding adoption. Many times it's a sheer joy to meet people whose hearts are reaching out to give a home to an unwanted animal. Other times it's rather disheartening to know that some come to us with less than heroic intentions. Some unabashedly call looking for cheap exotic animals to breed. Others want a play toy for their children with absolutely no idea about the requirements for housing, food, handling, etc. And then there's always the joker who wants to adopt and inquires about how many chins it takes to make a fur coat. It was amusing the first time, and the answer is 150 for a short coat. Now can we get serious? 

Is it any wonder why we require a signed contract?

The sad part happens when we take in and care for these animals, do our best to screen for a good home, adopt the chinnies out, and never hear from the adoptive family again. We truly want to know that the fuzzbutts are well, and it's frustrating when, months later sometimes chins are returned with crappy pet store food and treats and filthy cages. *gasp!* Did I say that out loud?

We DO appreciate those who stay in contact, continue their chins on the same high quality food, treats and chew toys that we offer and keep us updated on the fur babies. We want to help! Stuff happens. Emergencies happen and it's not necessarily the fault of the adoptive family. If something goes terribly wrong, we can assist.