What Kind of Pet Owner are You?

We know all types of pet owners;  

  • Those who purchase a baby animal and get rid of it after the maternal glow is gone.
  • Those who painstakingly research before they add a non-human family member to the home.
  • Those who inherit a pet from another family member or friend.
  • Hardcore pet owner turned animal activist.
  • The infamous collector who dives into snatching up several of the pet Du jour. (We call these the 0-60 in 30 crowd).
  • The "pet is part of the family" group.
  • The “I'm closer to my pet than my human family” group.
  • Quiet and reserved who care for their pets but don’t necessarily shove animal love in your face bunch.

The biggest question of all is: do you consider the needs of the pet before those of your own? Humans are totally autonomous, but the animals depend on us. We give them food, water, shelter, companionship and a clean, stimulating environment… or do we? How much consideration do you give your pet in those areas? We hope that when people seek to adopt a rescue chinchilla, they endeavor to give it the best possible home. Do your motives measure up?