Happy December?

For the month of November, two (2) chinchillas were surrendered and three (3) chinchillas were adopted. Christmas is just around the corner and we're eagerly anticipating the start of a new year. Thanksgiving came and the chinnies received an extra special gift that day from one of our chinnie friends. Thank you George and family for your continued support and generous surprises.

Now. We have some very, very important news to share. The people from the Rock Spring Farm contest that we entered to win the farm, contacted us the day before Thanksgiving to let us know that our essay was chosen as one of the finalists. In the next sentence, however, we read that the target number of entries did not come in, so the contest is canceled.

*cue panicked music*

Pan out on person, hanging off the edge of a cliff?

Zoom in on hands outstretched... reaching... reaching towards a saviors hand...fingertips barely touching?

...then plummeting off the edge.

Yup. That's how Whimsy feels right about now. It's been rather depressing to say the least. (Actually, there was a day or two of hysterical sobbing). It's one thing to learn the contest is over and we didn't win. It's quite another thing to learn we were one of the "chosen ones" and had a very VERY good chance at winning.

But the saga continues. The owners have extended an offer to purchase the property at a reduced price. So, if anyone happens to have a spare $615,000 that they don't need, just let us know.

The property has a rental cottage that would help apply towards the mortgage payment. We also learned that some of the contestants have expressed the willingness to donate their entry fee to help someone from the contest purchase the farm. If everyone from the contest donated their entry fee, it would make a HUGE down payment. We have been talking with a mortgage lender and are considering starting a Go Fund Me page to help with this dream--but Whimsy thinks that's kinda tacky. What do y'all think?