Happy February!

I know this is probably the latest post EVER. But I wanted to get in a quick update before the month changes. Thank you Leap Year!

Anyway, for the month of January, three (3) chinchillas were surrendered and two (2) chinchillas were adopted.Our numbers are under good control now but we're still keeping a strict limit on incoming surrenders. Taking care of 70 chinchillas is so much easier than 110! Although, the amount of care needed for a small herd is basically the same as for a single, especially if they're bonded and share a cage. Thing is, we're taking care of 46 cages full of chinchillas!

We've managed to combine some of our single chins and pairs into small herds of up to 6 chinchillas. Once again, Whimsy always advocates for keeping chins in pairs or groups to provide them with their natural need for snuggles and grooming only their own kind can provide. And once again we do have our own singles here who are not safe to keep with other chins. In a cage, a victim has no place to run and hide from an aggressor... at least not very far. But I digress.

We're working on some exciting changes here at the Menagerie. Our little operation has slowly grown to the point where we seriously have to consider how we're going to continue at the current rate of growth. Had we won the contest to win Rock Spring Farm, the issue would have been moot.

Currently we are working towards implementing some new bookkeeping programs, watch for some subtle changes over the next year. The new technology has been an eye opener. For example, we spent over $12,000 just on feed last year! When people ask us how much food a chinchilla eats in a month, the question stumps me. I do know that we easily go through about 20 or more pounds of pellets and about the same in hay each day.

So for all of you who have been long term supporters, and all of you who have stumbled upon our website, thank you for your help! Keep those orders coming. Our supply store sales keep the rescue work going. Collectively we help our little niche of unwanted, but favorite furry pets.