Happy April!


Happy April everyone!

For the month of March, three (3) chinchillas were surrendered and two (2) chinchillas were adopted. It's been a frustrating month where we've had many inquiries for adoption and then the prospective adopters have come unprepared. One person came in a tiny car expecting to squeeze in a full sized chinchilla cage. One person came having just moved in to an apartment (that doesn't allow pets) and another person came with the vehement promise to return for the chins(s) they placed on hold...then dropped off the face of the earth. And another person showed up and oh, just happened to have already picked up a chin from the pet store but wanted to check out our place anyway. Yup! This is the life of a rescue worker. It's no wonder so many start up rescues collapse within a few years. Dealing with people can be so frustrating sometimes!

On a more positive note, we also get the blessed relief of actually meeting some really cool people. Thank you to those of you who present that bright spot of sunshine in our day.

As mentioned previously, we are gearing up to make some (positive) changes. Please forgive Whimsy if replies to emails are especially slow. We're also dealing with tax season (extension filed) and a possible move. We are actively looking for a new, bigger place so that we can allow the chinnies to spread out into the proper sized cages instead of our holding cages. We also want to grow our own hay, plant orchards so we can grow and harvest our own fruit and nut woods and....well, let's just say the dreams and plans sometimes get a bit out of control.

We did get the chance to go visit Rock Spring Farm in person. The owners are wonderful people.Unfortunately, it looks as though the amount of work the place needs to get it move in ready to our specifications is overwhelming. Who would have guessed 35 acres would be too small???

Anyway, onward and upward! We're confident we can find just the right place, at just the right time, for just the right cost. Is "free" even possible? *cough*