Happy June!

For the month of May, ten (10) chinchillas were surrendered and three (3) chinchillas were adopted. The ten incoming chins were an extra special situation where the former owner had trouble juggling the medical responsibilities to her very large fur family. We learned that the chins were kept in groupings that facilitated breeding. There was a father caged with daughters, a son with a mother, brothers and sisters together, etc. After several email exchanges, the owner decided to give them all up. We were especially thrilled to halt the ongoing saturation of breeding from this individual. We keep females from mixed groups for a minimum of 4 months to make absolute sure they are not pregnant before adoption.

We now have seven females on maternity watch, so if you've ever considered sponsoring a chin, now would be the perfect time.

The new group was surprisingly clean and well fed. Understandably, the housing chosen for them was cramped. Our first order of intake was to move the girls to maternity cages and recombine the boys with boys and girls with girls.  Even though we have them in "holding cages", the spacial difference is drastic. Check out the difference between the cages in which they lived to the ones we have them in during their stay here.