Happy February!

Happy February everyone!
For the month of January, zero (0) chinchillas were surrendered and four (4) chinchillas were adopted. We had an odd number of inquiries for single chins in February, which cleared out 4 entire cages! It's strange to actually see empty cages here...but a nice relief. We will slowly start working on that list of waiting incoming surrenders.

It's been a while since we've had an educational post. One reoccurring theme is the question about treats. We make it a point to encourage people to offer only wholesome goodies for their pet chinchillas. 

In regards to quantity, we have seen where folks religiously follow serving sizes...but give multiple treats and supplements daily! A treat should be something special. A treat should be something rare. A treat should not take the place of a freakin' meal.

If nothing else my goal for today's post is to call attention to treat amounts. We'll discuss healthy treat choices in the next post.

Whimsy V