Happy March!

For the month of February, six (6) chinchillas were surrendered and nine (9) chinchillas were adopted.

We received word yesterday that Montgomery County Humane in Maryland got in a mixed group of over 26 chinchillas surrendered by one family! The wonderful folks at the humane society did an amazing job sexing and dividing the groups into male and female. Unfortunately, three of the chins had to be euthanized before we could help evaluate and assist. 

The group appears to be the result of a family left to breed without restraint. The size and condition of all 26 chinchillas is heartbreaking. Several have torn and chewed up ears. Most are fur chewed and all are grossly underweight. We are grateful that the family finally surrendered the group where they could receive the care they need.

At this time the chins are undergoing evaluation for health, behavior and possible pregnancies. 

While most of the time the surrenders we receive are from truly concerned folks who for whatever reason can't keep their pets, occasions such as this underscore the rescue aspect of Whimsy's Menagerie & Chinchilla Rescue. 

Your adoption fees and store purchases go to support such efforts as this. If you would like to contribute, or even better, make a store purchase, your donation or order would be humbly appreciated.