A Show and a Munchkin.

So about those new additions...

Two weeks ago we took a trip to Ohio to take part in another chinchilla show. This time we brought along a couple of our own to show off. Silly us. We had NO IDEA what it takes to show our own chins and ours looked rather scruffy after the extremely long ride. Fortunately for us, this particular show was supposed to be a "field day" for newbies like us. A very kind woman named Hope taught us how to groom our chins. Groom chins? You mean there's more to it than just offering a dust bath? Yes! And the difference is amazing. We're now proud owners of two professional grade grooming combs and are much more prepared for the next show. By the way, one of our chins (Dove) took a second place ribbon in her class. The judge said she'd have gotten a first place if it weren't for some fur slip on her backside.

While we were in Ohio at the nationally known Ryersons' Chinchilla Ranch, we were determined to find a new color mutation called "sapphire" to add to our herd. We found the sweetest little girl. She's just about the same age as Bubbles and the two of them get along like best friends. Picture coming soon!

Also, while we were at the Ryersons' Ranch, I was supposed to meet up with JAGS for a violet male that had won Color Phase Champion at the York Show. He was formerly known as "T33". We now call him Aaron. Surprisingly, he gets along very well with Petra, the other champ from the York Show.

Now, originally, I wrote about new additions. This update wouldn't be complete without mentioning Bindi. The kids have been asking for a kitten, but Whimsy really doesn't like cats. She's waiting for Paisley to pass over the rainbow bridge. Whimsy stupidly made a seemingly impossible opening by stating that she'd only consider getting another cat if it were a munchkin cat. So here's my testimony that ANYTHING can be found on craigslist.