New Arrivals

Please welcome our new arrivals... Maisie had triplets! There are two standards (male and female) and a beige (female). At birth, they weighed 62, 52, and 44 grams (respectively). Mom and babies are all doing very well.

Maisie's kits aren't the only new chins around. We also took in another rescue. He's a black velvet with pale ears and a sweet personality. We're calling him Mordecai. He and Petra look very similar except for the difference in ear color.

We also added another chin to our Menagerie. She came to us from Shelli (Chinchildren) of North Carolina. She's a white violet, but there are no markings on her at all, so she almost looks like a pink white. We've named her Davi, which is Hebrew for "beloved" and the feminine form of David. We plan on entering her in the show ring in the future. A big thank you to Shelli for our darling little girl!