New Chin Room!

It's been a long time since our last update and so much has happened! We have moved the chins into their very own room and no longer fill our dining room. Instead, they now reside in our converted garage! This new space is ideal to provide a living environment and play space for the chins. With the new spread, the "chin room" looks a lot like a pet shop! We currently have 10 cages that house 21 chinchillas total.

Yesterday, our numbers were reduced by one when three lovely young ladies came to meet the menagerie and possibly adopt. I'm thrilled to announce that Timothy went home with Katelyn. What a perfect pair! It always helps to know that the fuzz bottoms are going to a home that will cherish them.

Another exciting event that took place this month was our "official membership" to the MCBA (Mutation Chinchilla Breeder's Association). With this membership we promise to improve and strengthen the newer color mutations. Now we just need to decide which mutation to focus on. We have not started the breeding endeavor quite yet. Our own high quality females are still much too young. We are slowly building our herd from superb animals from all over the country and are even working toward a partnership with a Canadian breeder!  We are eagerly looking forward to adding our offspring to the show ring in the near future. We'll let you know how it goes.

Mandi Vollmeradoption