Final exams are over!

Done! Donedonedoneydone! Final exams are over!

Back to playing with cute little chinchillas!

Thank you all for your patience with us as we've navigated through this intense past couple of weeks. We're now officially open for "meet the chin" times.

Before I forget, thank you to our Secret Santa somewhere in Lynchburg who sent the very thoughtful gift. Big smiles and hugs to you...whoever you are.                             

Also, we've done a few updates to the website to reflect the learning curve we've had to experience with operating a rescue group and the associated store and website. Our phone number is now listed at the top, but Whimsy really prefers communicating via email.

We've also made the adoption contract and history forms viewable before downloading. Please be sure you are familiar with those documents before considering adopting or surrendering a chin. It serves as a prescreening device as well as a legal contract.

And finally, we've updated the adoptions page with pictures of available chins and those who have already found homes.

At last count we were at 11 chins claimed for the month of December, but have at least a dozen still waiting to be chosen.

Mandi Vollmeradoption