A New Opportunity

Titus (our mascot) and Whimsy had the most amazing opportunity earlier this week. Whimsy is a special educator who is taking continuing education classes. This semester Whimsy was assigned to work practicum hours at the local high school with students with severe to moderate cognitive and multiple disabilities.

The students at the high school level have a curriculum that is intensely focused on learning vocational skills. This presented a wonderful chance to share with the students how to make chinchilla toys!

Whimsy was given permission to bring Titus the chinchilla to school and teach the students the new skill of assembling toss toys. The small motor tasks, copying patterns, and teamwork presented the students with a fun new task that not only provided them with more work experience, but helped out our little chin rescue too! AND, the students really enjoyed meeting a real live chinchilla. I wish you could have been there to see all the huge gaping smiles. :)

Oh, and check out our sales page for pictures of the toys!