Bucky + Buffalo Bill


The two lonely single boys who came to our menagerie have been successfully introduced! Bucky and Buffalo Bill were both nervous fur chewers who desperately needed a friend. They came here out of concern by their former owners who intuitively knew their little guys needed some form of intervention.

We were worried that they, being older boys who had not been with their own kind, would deter the possibility of a bond. However, after several months of watching and whiskering behind the safety of the side by side cages, these two boys are now fast friends.

The first meeting was adorable! Bucky in particular was thrilled to have a new friend to groom. Up until the meeting with Buffalo Bill, Bucky would snuggle with a variety of stuffed toys including a hedgehog and a beanbag bunny. Buffalo Bill has a ....buffalo beanie baby! But it's quite obvious that the two chins now prefer the company of each other better than their forgotten toys.

Check out this video of their first official introduction: