Website in danger.

Hello friends.

Recently, we came across a notice from Webs (our free website hosting service) that our website is over the bandwidth limit. Because of this, the Menagerie's website is in danger of being taken down-- permanently.

 We need your help. With the budget tight as it is, it will be difficult for us to pay to upgrade our account from a free site to one with more bandwidth. At the same time, we desperately want to keep the site up and running so that we can be found more easily by those with chins in need, or who are looking to adopt.

So we're asking for all of you to help us keep our website. You can do this by donating through PayPal. There is a button on the Donations page where you can do so. It will cost at least $20 to keep the site running for a year. Every little bit helps.

A warm thank you to everyone who helps keep our website going strong.

Mandi Vollmer