Update on Kismet

The little chinnie with the amputation is doing very well! Her incision is nearly healed up, but her fur is very slow to start coming back in to cover the scar. She's eating on her own and has even managed to get to quite a high shelf in her enclosure. I'd say she's adjusting to being a tripod quite nicely.

Also, thanks to all who have supported the menagerie in the past couple of weeks, we've been able to bring in $500 toward paying off Kismet's surgery fees! 

Another happy bit of news is that 6 and a half chinnies have found new homes so far this month...

(The half being a chin on maternity watch who is not ready to rehome yet).

And....Karen and Adam are the second family to take us up on the FN for CN cage trade. Thanks Karen and Adam, I can't wait to show off your new split cage tomorrow!