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Happy September!

For the month of August, five (5) chinchillas were surrendered and twelve (12) chinchillas were adopted.

We have an exciting month coming up for September where we've actually signed up and rented a corner booth for the Virginia Beach Pet Expo. We're hoping to get the word out about chinchillas as pets. The last time we received a mention in the local newspaper we had a record adoption month with 24 adoptions! If the Expo goes as planned, we may actually succeed in re-homing the remaining 30 or so chins we have available for adoption right now.  Wish us luck!

And on a totally different note, we've had requests to assist with how to give medications to a chinchilla with fractured ribs. The shoulder hold used by veterinarians is not necessarily appropriate for chinchillas. It is common advice on pet forums to "burrito wrap" chinnies in a towel to give meds. This is also a risk of causing fractures. One poor rescue chin we received not only has a severe case of bumblefoot, but also has a broken tail from an improper burrito wrap when the owners tried their best to treat her.

So, we have some handy videos below to show how to administer eye drops and oral medications using the ear hold. Don't worry though, this is not painful for the chin. If it were painful or frightening, the chinnies would let out a squeal.

More Updates

Our two invalid chins who have been recovering from two different surgeries are now almost completely healed up. Kismet, the black velvet girl who needed the hind leg amputation is bumping along just fine now. She's learned how to adjust her remaining rear leg to compensate for the loss of the other. She rides low to the ground, but can still manage to hop and jump to the same high ledges as before her accident. Her stump is almost completely covered over by new fur and it's actually quite difficult to notice the loss.

Xanadu, the chin with the uterine prolapse, has been returned to her previous mate. Now that she cannot have any more kits, she can live happily ever after without concern for unplanned pregnancies. Shiloh is thrilled too. ;)

We're nearly caught up on paying off the vet fees. But we thought we'd run an upcoming holiday special to help work those costs off more quickly. If you're looking to treat your pet to some awesome new toys, or if you are looking for a creative gift idea for the chin lover you know, check out our store page.  We are working on gift "packages" check back often to see what we come up with. :)

Update on Kismet

The little chinnie with the amputation is doing very well! Her incision is nearly healed up, but her fur is very slow to start coming back in to cover the scar. She's eating on her own and has even managed to get to quite a high shelf in her enclosure. I'd say she's adjusting to being a tripod quite nicely.

Also, thanks to all who have supported the menagerie in the past couple of weeks, we've been able to bring in $500 toward paying off Kismet's surgery fees! 

Another happy bit of news is that 6 and a half chinnies have found new homes so far this month...

(The half being a chin on maternity watch who is not ready to rehome yet).

And....Karen and Adam are the second family to take us up on the FN for CN cage trade. Thanks Karen and Adam, I can't wait to show off your new split cage tomorrow!

A Case of a Broken Leg

Before I post today's update, please take a moment in remembrance of the victims of 9/11/2001...

It has been a very difficult past couple of weeks. A rescue hamster here developed a particularly aggressive form of cancer. What we thought was a perpetually full cheek pouch, turned out to be a tumor. For the first time ever, we had to have a critter put down. It was a very sad occasion.

Less than two weeks later, one of the chinnies broke her leg. Yesterday (Friday) she went in for surgery to have it amputated. The vet says the surgery went well and we can bring her home this morning.

Now this is where we need some help. The original estimate for the amputation was $1500! (Gasp!) Fortunately for us, our back-up exotics vet had pity and worked a fee that was much, much more within our grasp...but we still need to come up with $600.

If you've been considering upgrading a cage, adopting a chin, or showing your monetary support, now would be a perfect time to do so.

Please keep Kismet in your prayers as she heals up and gets used to being a tri-pod.