More Updates

Our two invalid chins who have been recovering from two different surgeries are now almost completely healed up. Kismet, the black velvet girl who needed the hind leg amputation is bumping along just fine now. She's learned how to adjust her remaining rear leg to compensate for the loss of the other. She rides low to the ground, but can still manage to hop and jump to the same high ledges as before her accident. Her stump is almost completely covered over by new fur and it's actually quite difficult to notice the loss.

Xanadu, the chin with the uterine prolapse, has been returned to her previous mate. Now that she cannot have any more kits, she can live happily ever after without concern for unplanned pregnancies. Shiloh is thrilled too. ;)

We're nearly caught up on paying off the vet fees. But we thought we'd run an upcoming holiday special to help work those costs off more quickly. If you're looking to treat your pet to some awesome new toys, or if you are looking for a creative gift idea for the chin lover you know, check out our store page.  We are working on gift "packages" check back often to see what we come up with. :)