We're 2 Years Old!

We're a few days late in posting about our anniversary. Whimsy's Menagerie & Chinchilla Rescue has now been "officially" running for two years! What started out as a homeschool project has morphed into something much grander and more permanent.

We've come a long way since our modest beginnings where we first started out in the dining room...

The chins slowly took over...

Eventually, we had to move the operation into the converted garage where Whimsy had her office and spare room.

Not long after that, Whimsy gave up her office to the chins.

The website has had to grow to accommodate our growing reputation too. We began with Freewebs and the bare minimum with the free budget. Now, our daily visits, updates, store, videos and other information has caused us to continue expanding with help from friends like you.  we now have an amazing network of new chinfriends and others who appreciate and encourage the work we do here. Thank you all for your support!

To date, Whimsy's Menagerie has found homes for 58 chinchillas! But we have at least a dozen here who are looking for new homes. Christmas is coming...would you like to place a hold on a single, pair or trio?

Mandi Vollmer