Package Deals!

We're gearing up for the holidays! Are you ready to spoil your chinnie? Would you like to finally get your own furball? Contrary to some opinions out there, we believe kids and chins go great together! Assuming, of course, your child is kind and gentle enough to handle these delicate critters. Currently we have 13 wonderful singles and pairs ready to go to a new home and several more that will be ready before Christmas. But aside from that...

...check out our holiday packages! We've been working hard to prepare items just for you and your furry friend. Right now we're ready with three different $50 each package deals. These three packages include shipping, but you can save $15 if you pick them up. Shipped items come with a surprise extra! ;)

**Package 1~ The economy bridge and ledge combo!

We've used rounded pine slats instead of our usual wooden dowels for the bridge. It cuts costs tremendously! We're offering that, plus two 12" ledges complete with jumpholes and all the hardware. Keep in mind, this is made especially for Ferret Nation brand cages, so the bridge length is made in approximately 3 foot lengths.

**Package 2~ The 5 piece ledge with backboards combo!

This is a wonderful start for decorating (or redecorating) a chin friendly enclosure. We include 

1 -12" lounging ledge
2- 8" look out ledges
2- 6" leaping ledges

**Package 3~ The chewy play pack!

Includes a chin safe and chewable swing, one large pumice and willow wreath, and a hanging pine wafers toy, in many different colors.

Watch for our pennywise pack, coming soon to the Store!