Chinchilla Showin'

Last weekend Whimsy went to a chinchilla show in Pennsylvania.  We brought some of our own chins and were very eager to see how they would be graded. Imagine our shock when three of our standard chinchillas won color phase champion, reserve color phase champion andfirst place ribbons! These were from a Shoots extra dark standard male and a sapphire female from Mish Irish's lines.

It just so happens these three were the very same kits whose mother had the uterine prolapse when they were just 6 weeks old. Unfortunately, their mother died post surgery from the complications. The kits were taken in by a surrogate mommy chin whose own kits were nearly the same age. Although she didn't nurse them, she did snuggle and groom them. 

We are all very happy to see how Zaporah, ZaraLinda and Zaine have grown!  Their mother did leave a legacy after all.