Mass Surrender.

Last week we received an email from another animal rescue organization asking us to take in some chinchillas they had acquired over the years. This weekend we received 17 new surrenders. All have been gender identified and regrouped to prevent any further breeding.

The chins are currently under quarantine and evaluation while we watch for signs of illness, pregnancy, or behavioral issues. 

In the near future we expect to offer a bonded pair of males and a related group of 5 females. Also in are two single males who we're hoping to bond with other single males who have been waiting for a same gender friend. A second large group had a male among them, so the entire mini-herd is on maternity watch for the next 4 months. Two kits are among the group. 

In the meantime, we currently have well over a dozen chins available for adoption. We are offering many of them complete with cages. Fortunately, we have lots of spare cages, but our most pressing need at the moment is for large, Super Pet brand glass water bottles. 

We keep our rescue group going with adoption fees, cage sales, store items and donations. Would you like to be a part of our good works?