New Store?


Lately, we've been trying a new layout for our store. We're doing our best to keep up with technology, learn some new things to help our ever expanding business, and make ordering easier. The proceeds from our store help keep our cause going strong. Check out our new "add to cart" feature! 

We've also been working on some new store items. We now have a wonderful pile of organic grapevine rings and sticks. The chins here are in heaven nibbling and carrying these new tote-able chew toys around. Some of our local friends have gotten a head start on trying these out with their own chinnies with rave reviews. 

With the sales of our cage accessories and other rodent supplies, we are able to maintain the work we do here to ensure the chinchillas in our care are very well provided for and receive any necessary medical intervention. Remember the sick chins who came in last week? One has made a full and quick recovery, the other still concerns us. It looks like we'll have to bring him back to the vet for x-rays to rule out malocclusion. The poor little one is eating like crazy, but still losing weight and drooling. At least his runny little nose has cleared up.