Happy June!

For the month of May, seven (7) chinchillas were surrendered, and four (4) chinchillas were adopted.  Ouch! It's been an especially low month for adoptions, but we've gotten many, many inquiries from people who are waiting for summer break to adopt. 

We've also had the privilege this month of helping three families find a new fur friend for their chinchilla(s).  Introducing chins is not for the faint of heart! Sometimes, unknowing newbies get lucky when they toss a couple of chins together and they get along right away. Many times, however, the results are disastrous. Chinchillas, if not properly introduced or socialized, WILL fight to the death. A chinchilla introduction can be quite unnerving and risky.

With the countless numbers of single chinchillas who come through our doors, we've had plenty of experience with bonding the lonely ones. A rare few are determined unsafe to put with other chins. For this reason, we don't often have single chins available to pair with those seeking a friend for their chinchilla.

Lately we've had the opportunity to accommodate those requests now that the Maryland mass surrender from Montgomery County is becoming available. Of the nearly 30 chinchillas that came to us back in March, all of the young males have gone to new homes. Of the females, five of them have littered so far and with their exceptionally long gestation period, we may still see more. The first two babies have gone to new homes with the third one spoken for already! 

In the meantime, we still have roughly 100 chinchillas here who are in our care. Some of them are on maternity watch, some are undergoing medical care, others are under quarantine and observation while still others are simply waiting for their new families to find them.  Please remember, your donation and/or store purchase helps us keep our ministry to these exceptional pets strong. 

Which reminds me!...

Before I forget, thank you Shawn, for the kiwi wood donation and the exercise wheel.

Thank you, Denise, for the flowers and cookies. 

Thank you, Ann, for your never-ending supply of donuts and all the volunteer cage cleaning, chin scritching, and rant listening. 

Thank you, Ken, for the cage donations and pear wood. 

Thank you, Jay, for the new computer and camera!

Thank you, Jamie, for including us in your new song/video and your unfailing extra monetary support. 

And thank you to everyone who has rounded up the payment on their store purchases!

The outpouring of community support and all around goodwill has us overcome with joy. It's been a pleasure serving the chins and all our new and old friends.