Happy July!

Wow! The month of June just flew past! If you are one of our Facebook fans, you know the daily happenings have kept us busy, busy, busy!

*cough* But I digress....

For the month of June, nine (9) chinchillas were surrendered, and nine (9) chinchillas were adopted. We are also currently boarding nine (9) chinchillas here for summer vacations. 9, 9, 9....creepy.

It was an interesting month where the number of adoptions looked like we were finally winning back some elbow room, then, 4 more chinchillas came in on the very last day. (Party crashers.) :P 

But we have some exciting news!

The girls of the mass surrender from the Montgomery County Humane Society have passed their maternity watch and are now available for adoption! Of the 14 females, only 5 actually littered. Several other females showed initial signs of pregnancy, but we suspect the impact of the changes in their little furry lives caused the kits to be reabsorbed. This is actually a blessed relief.

Animal shelters all across the country are having a difficult time placing unwanted animals into homes. Even we have seriously started thinking it may come to the point where we would have to turn away those inquiring about surrendering their pets. We have NEVER in the past had to do this, but our moderately sized home, even with the chinchilla room extension, is unusually swollen with chinchillas waiting for new families. So I have an offer for you. Yes, you!

Like the McRib sandwich, like Shamrock Shakes, like religious freedom in America, for a limited time, anyone willing to adopt 3 or more of the Montgomery county girls, and promise to keep them together, we will give a totally free, (albeit ugly) cage large enough to house a group.

Hear me out. It is just as easy to care for a group of chins sharing the same cage as it is to care for one chinchilla. Plus, our very low-cost supplies make chin ownership cheap enough for even a child paying for upkeep with their allowance. 

We strongly prefer chins in groups and these girls are perfect for someone looking to adopt a herd of their own.  In the event something happens to one of them, the remaining chins still have each other for company. See the logic? I hope so.

Yes, we are available on nights, weekends, most holidays, etc, etc, etc. We only ask that potential adopters follow the guidelines listed on the Adoptions page and email to set up an appointment to meet the chins. We're looking forward to hearing from you. :)