Are you ACTUALLY ready to adopt?

Not to be rude, but when I receive emails or calls from people asking basic chinchilla care questions, I wonder if they are truly prepared to own an exotic pet. Questions such as, "How much does it cost each month to own a chinchilla?" are impossible to answer.  Much of that depends on where you purchase your supplies, how diligent you are about the health of your pet, how far are you willing to go to support a healthy life, and if you have severe financial constraints. 

Other questions regarding temperature requirements, housing requirements, treats, food, life span, health problems etc., etc. are available ad nauseam all over this site... and on the Internet in general. To address those questions in an easy-to-find, streamlined manner, please visit our Questions & Answers page (previously FAQ). Also coming soon, a handy quick guide to chinchilla ownership available for download in the Documents & Forms section. 

As an adoption facility, shouldn't we be the ones interviewing to find if the potentially adoptive home is properly prepared? We believe so.