"Dear Santa"

Hello friends.

I just wanted to share with you a shameless announcement about my friend Jamie Glaser and his most recent creative way to spread his love of animals through media. Jamie is a singer/songwriter/animal lover/activist/and mediator at Luckys Place (the friendliest pet forum Ive ever seen http://luckychinchilla.proboards.com/index.cgi).

Not only is Jamie just a really neat guy, but he also bends over backwards to do good things. You see, Jamie really wants to spread the word when it comes to animal rescue and adoption. This personal goal aligns so much with our own that its difficult not to feel an instant bond.
This year, Jamie has chosen to bless us by sharing a portion of his earnings from his creative works. Jamie's most recent release comes just in time for Christmas! The latest DVD, Doc and Friends is a charmingly sweet, wholesome video that is perfect for the entire family. And combined with Jamie's Christmas CD, Dear Santa, helps us to remember our less fortunate, furry friends. If you have a soft spot for the silent less fortunate or know a die hard animal lover (and who doesn't) come check out this link for a sneak preview and ordering information:

Mandi Vollmer