Happy December!

For the month of November, three (3) chinchillas were surrendered and ten (10) chinchillas were adopted. We're hoping that this Christmas, more chinnies will find their way to permanent homes.

Christmas is actually a very good reason to hold out to adopt. With the start-up cost of owning exotic pet being as high as it is, sometimes it just makes sense to wait until a major holiday. ;) We have had several families get a jump start on adoptions for Christmas. But remember, we do not allow chinchillas to go as surprise gifts. The new owner(s) must come in for the chinchilla education session during the adoption meet and greet.

And speaking of Christmas, the special needs students who help us make our store itemshave been working quietly on holiday themed toys for the critters. Many of our "regular" store items were originally designed as themed toys...but stuck around. Even our limited edition Spider! has become a permanent item. (Partly because the students just love making them so much). But I digress...

For the holiday season we have released our vine twist candycanes, Christmas Arbor-eatems, overstuffed snowmen, edible ornaments, mini candycanes, wreaths, and whatever else can spark our imagination. Watch our store for new releases on individual items.