Going Green

Rehome, reuse, and recycle.

Whimsy’s Menagerie & Chinchilla Rescue supports going green. As a business run by a single mom, the idea of reusing and recycling items is a natural and fun challenge. One way we like to conserve is by using the chin’s old bedding in our organic garden. We’ve gotten lots of nice compliments on our “mulch” and have seen the lasting effects of its built-in fertilizer on our shrubbery and flowers. We have big plans this year to grow our own loofah for the chins along with our usual veggies.

Speaking of loofah, this weekend we’ve designed a new chinchilla chew toy! Many folks said to us that their chins especially love the softer, shred-like chews. So we’ve put together the topmost, highly consumable favorites (loofah, willow balls and fruit wood sticks) into a single fun treat. Check out our new SuperChew Softie!

Of course we let our own chins try out the new toys. Watching them devour the new chew toy was like watching a fluffy piranha attack!

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