Happy August!

For the month of July, fourteen (14) chinchillas were surrendered and eleven (11) were adopted. Four (4) kits were also born this month from two different rescue mommies who were on maternity watch. Green stripe, one of the chins mentioned in an earlier post, proved pregnant as suspected.

We’re beginning to feel the strain of a positive inflow, but will not compromise our standards. We are committed to the welfare of the chins in our care AND our promise to the former owners to find good and loving homes for the chinchillas they surrender. Whimsy’s personal motto is that anyone seeking to adopt from us should be able to provide a better home than we can. While we provide excellent, individualized care and attention, an adopter who wants to devote all of their attention to building and developing a relationship with their new pet(s) is in an even better position to provide it.

This past weekend was our trip to Pennsylvania to the Keystone Grange 2 Fair. It was our first experience with setting up a “booth” and we were rather pleased with the results. While it was much too hot to bring any live animals, we did bring along a computer that played a neat slideshow of some of our chinnies. *Waves* to those of you from Pennsylvania who took a business card and are reading this right now.