Booths & Seminars

We received a very curious and uplifting email this week from the people at Pet Care Veterinary Hospital. We were invited to come to their seminar and set up a booth to sell our toys! They would also like to showcase our toys in the clinic itself. 

We also received an email from the co-chairperson in charge of making arrangements for a state fair in Pennsylvania. They have also invited us to come set up a booth to show off our chew toys and cage accessories. In both cases we were referred by people with rave reviews.  We are honored, with giddy delight. :)

And speaking of toys... we have a new wreath design, now available in our store! This one is made of unadulterated pumice, pecan wood coins and loofah stars. Not only do the chinchillas love this combination, it's also good for bunnies, rats, hamsters, and other gnawing/nibbling pets. Parrots love our toys too!