On Adopting Babies.

Baby chinchillas are adorable. 

But there are several reasons why we don't advocate seeking specifically to adopt baby chins. First, the nature/nurture debate is most obviously on the side of genetics when it comes to chins. We've seen way too many examples of chins who simply grow up mean, no matter how much loving kindness they receive. Like people, some chinchillas are just plain jerks. 

With adult chinchillas, the personality characteristics are already developed and apparent. An adult chin who is naturally friendly and inquisitive can only get better with attention and proper handling. Chinchillas with behavior problems are more likely to turn their owners off rather than endear them...which can lead to neglect.

Our goal, therefore, is to help introduce chins with compatible new owners. We encourage folks to visit and interact with the available singles and groups and not be romanticized by the idea of owning a special color or cute little baby. Only by interacting can one truly get a feel for another living creature. Who knows? You just may be the person some of our "problem chins" have been waiting for.