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Happy April!

For the month of March, thirty-four (34!) chinchillas were surrendered, and twelve (12) were adopted. 

Last month we had the Montgomery County mass surrender, plus our "usual" number of surrenders on top of that. On average, this type of mass influx seems to happen two or three times per year. We are very fortunate to have met so many kindhearted people who are interested in providing a loving home for the chinchillas in our care. And the outpouring of support by store orders, food and supplies donations and even monetary ($) donations has been a blessed relief.

The mass group has been doing very well since they've arrived. We've moved all the females into a huge baby safe cage where they can continue living together while on maternity watch. One female has already produced kits; one boy, one girl. The babies weighed in at the typical 41 and 44 grams. Considering the size and condition of the mother, this is quite miraculous! 

Four of the Montgomery boys have been adopted to two different homes. We have also learned just which of the boys love or hate each other and have divided them according to their preferences. At this time, we have two pairs and one group of 4 left, plus about 20 or so other chins who are waiting to meet their future families. 

Why adopt a rescue? 

These chinchillas depend on us to keep them comfortable, fed and loved. Usually, when chinchillas are surrendered, they have passed the adorable, but crazy baby stage and settled into their personalities. By that time the former owners have either lost interest, developed allergies, or had some sort of life-changing event which caused them to have to give up their pets. The little critters deserve a second chance! Baby cuteness is what makes pet stores thrive, but that period of time is very, very short. With and animal that lives up to 20 years, that opportunity for adoption is like a blink of an eye.

When you adopt from us, we provide a no kidding, honest assessment of their personalities and potential.  We also present a crash course in chin care and handling, with lifetime support. We make sure each adoptive home is properly equipped to ensure a full and happy life for the fuzzbutts, but the rest is up to you.

Now who is up to the challenge?