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An animal control office in Northern Virginia asked for our help. 25 chinchillas were surrendered by an individual this past weekend. We need to find permanent placement for bunches and bunches of new chins. Most of them are single males who were previously housed for breeding, so they do not combine well with other boys. We also have a pair and a trio of young boys (presumably littermates) whom we're hoping to place in a new home WITHOUT females, so they can continue to live together as a bonded group.

Each chin has their own unique personality, and we've got a few absolute dolls here!

*cough* we would heartily welcome extra cages and other item donations at this time. Our most pressing need is for larger, chinchilla type cages. We currently have the chins housed in smaller overflows, but would like to move them into our regular Ferret Nation/Critter Nation brand cages. If you have one or some of these you can donate, we and the chins would be forever grateful.

We need to move these chins! If you can adopt a single, a pair or a group, now is the time!