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Well....May is supposed to be National Adopt a Pet Month. It being midway through the month, I can understand why this particular season was chosen. By this time of the year, many live Christmas gifts have lost their appeal and many young animals are given up when they are well past the cute baby phase. 

To help address the vast numbers of unwanted pets, the North Shore Animal League America is hosting a 2012 Pet Adoptathon. http://http// This is our second year partaking in the event. This year we have more chinchillas than ever who need good, safe, loving homes.

While we have received countless inquires from people interested in adopting, many of them fall prey to the impulse buy of a pet store animal or cheap "for sale" ad from someone who wants to recoup their losses. This is a particular pet peeve of Whimsy's. In no way is buying from a pet store or a backyard breeder considered "rescuing" an animal, no matter how pitiful the conditions.  When an animal is bought and sold, there is always another to replace the sad little creature. So why support this? Pet stores focus on what sells. A pet store will not advise when a chin is in trouble, other than to refer a worried owner to the vet, or to us ;) Thank you, mystery person at the local PetSmart.  

Is it because of our reputation for the excellent care we give these animals that perhaps is our own worst enemy? Our chin room is far from the horrific conditions seen in pet stores and even the sparse enclosures one would find in most humane societies or animal control facilities. But these chins were never meant to be here permanently. They need homes where they can receive an abundance of one-on-one attention...even more than we can provide. 

Our primary goal here is to ensure that each chinchilla is paired with another of his or her own gender, to discourage perpetuating the countless numbers of unwanted chins, but keep their need for herd living intact. We also screen and teach each potential adoptive family about chin care and handling, as well as offer lifelong support and advice. 

Your adoption fees and store purchases are applied directly to the care, vet costs and upkeep of those chinchillas with whom we are entrusted. When we are able to re-home sweet tempered, healthy chins, this frees up room and time to help the mass surrenders and medical cases that inevitably come our way. 

Won't you please help us help the animals? We have at least30 chinchillas who are ready to go to new homes right now. But if you hold off for an opportune time, you may miss out on finding your best friend. First come, first choice. ;) So, which of the chins will choose you?